Shenzhen osenyuan Industrial Co., Ltd:
We hereby promise to comply with the following agreements:
1. Confirmation and acceptance of the service agreement
The ownership and operation rights of membership services on this platform belong to Shenzhen osenyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. The services provided by this platform will be strictly implemented in accordance with the relevant articles of association, service agreement terms and operating rules. The member clicks the "Agree" button through the registration procedure, which means that the member has reached an agreement with this platform and accepts all the terms of service.
2. Service Introduction
This platform uses its own operating system to provide users with network services through the Internet. At the same time, members must: Equip themselves with the necessary equipment for Internet access, including personal computers, modems or other necessary Internet devices. Pay for the telephone charges and network charges related to this service for surfing the Internet on your own. 3. Registration matters
3.1. Membership
After submitting the registration application, the platform can use the services provided by the platform after reviewing it in accordance with the prescribed procedures, and the member has no right to transfer the service to others.
3.2. Member rights
1. Accept the consultation, guidance and other services of this platform;
2. Use permitted information services and information publishing services.
3. Engage in transactions and settlement-related activities;
4. Use the trading and settlement facilities of the spot trading platform, and enjoy the market information and related services provided by the platform;
5. Supervise the work of this platform or make reasonable suggestions;
6. Apply for cancellation of trading seats and cancellation of membership in accordance with the prescribed procedures;
7. Other rights that can be enjoyed according to the regulations of the platform.
3.3. Obligations of members
To register on this platform, members must agree to:
1. Comply with national laws and regulations and the rules and regulations of the spot trading platform, accept the supervision and management of this platform, and cooperate with the work of this platform;
2. When registering the member information form, provide true, accurate and complete information about you or your company that reflects the current situation;
3. Maintain and update member information in a timely manner to keep it true, accurate and complete to reflect the current situation.
4. If a member is registered with this company on behalf of a company or other legal entity, the member declares and warrants that you have the right to make the company or other legal entity subject to the "terms" of this agreement;
5. Actively understand the business information, announcements and various systems released by this platform, and bear the own losses caused by failure to pay attention to it in time;
6. Strictly perform the contract and assume risk responsibility for the contract concluded on this platform;
7. Take legal responsibility for actions that occur with the designated delivery warehouse on this platform;
8. Pay various fees in accordance with regulations; members who have special expenses (such as special storage fees, special loading and unloading fees, boxing fees, etc.) must bear the relevant expenses themselves;
9. Print the invoice according to the regulations and determine the defaulting party according to the vouchers and deposit slips kept on the platform, and the defaulting party shall bear the responsibility for breach of contract;
10. Take care of the facilities of this platform and maintain the reputation of this platform;
11. Ensure the authenticity of the provided materials and assume corresponding legal responsibilities;
12. Other obligations that should be fulfilled as stipulated by this platform.
3.4. Member registration user name, password and confidentiality obligations
Once a member has successfully registered and become a legal member of this platform, he will get a username and password for login. The member will take full responsibility for the security of the user name and password. In addition, each member is fully responsible for all activities and events conducted under his username. Members can change the user password at any time according to the instructions. If members find any illegal use of member usernames or security loopholes, they are obliged to notify this platform immediately.
4. Member information and rules
"Member Information" includes member registration information and any information provided to this platform or other members in the process of trading or listing items, on any public information occasion or through any email form, including data, text, software, music, sound , Photos, drawings, images, words or other materials. Members should take full responsibility for "Member Information", and this platform only serves as an intermediate channel for members to publish and publish "Member Information" online. Members guarantee that they have all rights to the materials submitted to this platform, including all copyrights. And confirm that this platform is not responsible for identifying or deciding which materials submitted by members should be protected; this platform is not responsible for the use of "member information" by other members who enjoy "network services". Members agree that "Member Information" and any behavior must follow the following principles:
1. Do not transmit any information that contributes to domestic disadvantages and involve national security; do not transmit any technical information that violates relevant national laws and regulations, and reactionary ideas.
2. Do not infringe the ownership, copyright, trademark patent rights of any third party; do not infringe the trade secrets and other intellectual property rights of any third party; nor infringe any third party's name, reputation, honor, privacy, etc.-all rights ;
3. It must not contain fraudulent content, has nothing to do with the sale of forgery or theft, does not contain slander (including commercial defamation), illegal intimidation or illegal harassment, does not contain obscenity or contains any pornographic content;
4. Do not interfere with or disrupt network services, and do not use any programs or files that contain or contain computer viruses;
5. Independently assume the responsibility of publishing content, and assume full legal responsibility for any behavior on the Internet.
5. Member privacy system
5.1. Respect the privacy of members
Respect for member privacy is the basic policy of this platform. This platform will not be made public,
To edit or disclose member information, unless there is a legal permission requirement, or the platform believes that it is necessary to disclose such information on the basis of good faith in the following situations:
1. Comply with relevant laws and regulations and comply with legal service procedures;
2. Maintain and maintain the legal rights and interests of the platform's trademark ownership;
3. Strive to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members and the general public in emergency situations;
4. Obtain the explicit authorization of the member in advance;
5. In accordance with the requirements of the competent government departments;
6. Meet other relevant legal requirements.
5.2. Registration information and third party cooperation
This platform may cooperate with a third party to provide related network services to members. In this case, if the third party agrees to assume the same responsibility as this platform for protecting member privacy, then this platform has the right to provide members’ registration information, etc. To the third party.
5.3. Reasonable commercial use
On the premise of not disclosing or infringing on the private information of a single member, this platform has the right to analyze the entire member database and make reasonable commercial use of the member database.
6. Disclaimer
6.1. Network service risks
Members bear all risks for the use of network services. The information published on this platform is for reference only, and not as any market entry and trading advice. All risks and losses caused by the use and transfer of information on this website shall be borne by the members themselves. This platform cannot guarantee that the service will meet the requirements of the members, nor can it guarantee that the service will not be interrupted. It does not guarantee the timeliness, safety, or error occurrence of the service. All consequences arising from the use of network services by members shall be borne by members themselves, and this platform shall not bear any responsibility for this.
6.2. Risks between members and other members and third parties
This platform does not bear all the consequences of information and behaviors between members and other members and third parties due to advertising, supply and demand, transactions, etc., and only provides the corresponding service platform, and does not assume direct or indirect joint liability.
6.3. Link risks to other websites or resources
Either this platform or a third party can provide legal links to other websites or resources. This platform is not responsible for the availability of such websites or resources, and any content, promotion, products, services or other materials on or available from such websites or resources do not represent the position of this platform. Members need to acknowledge and agree that this platform will not cause (or claim to cause) any direct or indirect losses caused by (or claimed to cause) any direct or indirect losses caused by the use or reliance of such content, promotion, products, services or other materials obtained from such websites or resources. Take any responsibility.
6.4. Membership contract information
Members bear all legal responsibilities for the registration information and authorization of the platform to publicly release and use all the information provided, as well as the subsequent performance of related contracts. This platform does not provide for the reputation of any party to the member’s performance, identity verification, information accuracy, Information and other forms of guarantee.
6.5. Risk of force majeure
For force majeure reasons beyond the reasonable control of this platform, including but not limited to: government actions, natural forces, fires, explosions, geographic changes, storms, floods, earthquakes, tides, lightning or wars, which delay or fail this platform If the agreement is fulfilled, this platform does not assume any responsibility.
7. Notice
All notices sent to members can be sent through announcements on important pages, e-mails or regular letters. Modifications of service terms, service changes, or other important events will be notified in this form. Such notices shall be deemed to have been delivered to the recipients from the date of dispatch.
8. Content ownership The content of network services defined by this platform includes: all content in text, software, sound, pictures, videos, charts, and advertisements; all content of e-mails; other information provided by this platform for members. All these contents are protected by laws such as copyrights, trademarks, labels and other property ownership. Therefore, members can only use these contents under the authorization of this platform and advertisers, and cannot copy or recreate these contents without authorization, or create derivative products related to the contents. The copyright of all articles on this platform is jointly owned by the original author and this platform. Anyone who needs to reprint an article on this platform must obtain authorization from the original author or the platform.
9. End of service
The member or the platform can interrupt one or more of the network services that are not restricted by the contract at any time according to the actual situation. Members who have objections to the subsequent amendments to the terms, or are dissatisfied with the services of this platform, can exercise the following rights:
1. Stop using the network services of this platform.
2. Notify this platform to stop the service to the member.
After ending the membership service, the member's right to use the network service is immediately suspended. Since then, members have no rights, and this platform has no obligation to transmit any unprocessed information or unfinished services to members or third parties. 10. Guarantee
Huipin agrees to protect and maintain the interests of all members of this platform and other members. Members are responsible for paying attorney fees caused by members who use beyond the scope of the service, and compensation for damages in violation of the terms of service.
11. Law
The network service terms of this platform are consistent with the legal interpretation of the People's Republic of China, and the members and this platform agree to submit to all jurisdiction of the High Court. In the event that the service terms of this platform conflict with the laws of the People's Republic of China, these terms will be re-interpreted in full accordance with the law, while other terms will still have legal effect and influence on members.
12. Modification of the terms of the service agreement and service revision
This platform has the right to modify the terms of the service agreement when necessary. Once the terms of service of this platform are changed, it will be prompted to modify the content on the important page. If you do not agree with the changed content, Huipin can cancel the network service already obtained by itself. If Huipin continues to enjoy network services, it will initially accept the changes to the terms of service. This platform reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time without needing to inform the members. This platform exercises the right to modify or discontinue the service, and does not need to be responsible to members or third parties.
This platform has the final right to interpret all the terms of this service agreement.