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Mini HIFU RF Body Slimming Massager Belly Fat Removal Massager Weight loss Anti Cellulite Slimming Wrinkle Removal Machine


Item Type:Hello Body Slimming Machine Color:black & gold Material:ABS+Stainless Steel working voltage :110-240V 50/60Hz Input Power:24W Function :Think Body ,Tighten Skin Ultrasound Depths :0.8 and 1.3cm Working Frequency : 4MHZ


1. Subtle massage, increased intracellular temperature, and accelerated decomposition of fat and fat. 2. Can be used to promote blood circulation, stimulate cell activity, delay skin aging 3. Quickly and effectively relieve and relieve severe chronic back pain, other types of body pain. 4. Regulate endocrine, accelerate fat consumption, and realize the dream of slimming. 5. Remove wrinkles. Remove spots, acne, eye bags and dark circles; dilute scars. Skin regeneration. 6. Enhances skin texture, anti-wrinkle, helps fight fat areas and tightens. 7. Deep cleansing of the skin, cleansing oil inside the skin, fine dust, black, whiteheads, cleans pores.

Operation principle:

Using the good tissue penetration of mechanical waves, the thermal energy is accurately transmitted to the skin's SMAS layer, effectively stimulating the fibroblasts to divide the new cells at 40 times per second.


[Two depths]: Easily converts to two skin depths, one 0.8 cm and the other 1.3 cm (obtained by focus test and pleated probe adjustment). The fat layers distributed at these two depths are focused into multiple focus rings, causing strong fat vibrations to further break and dissolve the fat, while wave impact can improve blood circulation and skin metabolism. [Deep cleansing of the skin]: Cleans the internal oils of the skin, fine dust, black, whiteheads, cleansing pores, quickly and effectively alleviates and relieves severe chronic back pain, other types of body pain. Promotes blood circulation, stimulates cell activity, and delays skin aging. [One-time use, visible effect]: The product has obvious effects. It can directly reach the bottom layer of the skin without harming the epidermal cells, increasing the temperature inside the cells, accelerating the decomposition of collagen cells, promoting blood circulation, stimulating cell activity and slowing down skin aging.

Package Includes:

1 * Main machine 1 * syringe 1 * Fat measuring tool 1 * Power cable 1 * English Manual


When you get the machine ,please inject water into the machine with a syringe until the water overflows.

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